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Hottest College Cheerleading Team

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Tweet Final Results of Voting Oregon — 19.3% UCLA — 13.8 Southern Cal — 11.8 LSU — 9.1 Florida State — 8.0 Washington State — 7.6 Arizona State — 6.9 Baylor — 5.1 Texas — 5.4 UC-Irvine — 2.5 Other Votes: Ole Miss; West Virginia; Tennessee; Hawaii; South Carolina; Missouri; Oklahoma; North Carolina; Georgia; Alabama; […]

UC Irvine Cheerleaders

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Tweet UC Irvine might not play big time football, but the UC Irvine cheerleaders are certainly big time when it comes to college cheerleaders.  UC Irvine has one of the most interesting college nicknames in the land–the Anteaters.  While the UC Irvine cheerleaders don’t get the same recognition as the USC cheerleaders, they are certainly […]